Helmetpaint.com began in 1987 when Ric Duppstadt and Jeff Long
had helmet paint shops in two separate towns.
Both Ric & Jeff developed a nationwide clientele over the years.
As their reputation for high quality and cutting edge designs grew,
so did each shop.
Jeff & Ric have had numerous helmets and motorcycles featured in
They have also painted for top professional AMA Moto/Super-Cross
racers, Roadracers as well as top NHRA, IRL, and NASCAR drivers, but
prefer to supply everyday racers & riders with professional quality
Since 1999, Jeff & Ric have joined forces at a leading motorcycle
manufacturer, to run its in-house custom paint department.
Helmetpaint.com was the joint-effort result to keep the helmet side
of the business alive. We now look forward to being your choice in
helmet paint!
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